Waffen-SS Recruiting Posters: Italy/UK


• • Italian Recruiting Posters: SS-Untersturmführer Gino Boccasile produced material for the Italian SS Legionari and drew their Recruitment Posters. After the war he was imprisoned and tried for collaborating. In 1946 Boccasile set up his own agency in Milan where he created memorable Posters for Paglieri cosmetics, Chlorodont toothpaste, and Zenith footwear, all bearing his signature.
In 1943 15,000 Italian volunteers started training at Truppenübungsplatz Münsingen, but 6,000 of them were unsuitable and released for training in other units. After World War II, as with other former members of Waffen-SS formations, veterans of the Legione SS Italiana (29. Waffen Grenadier Division der SS) found employ in the CIA-orchestrated organizations of political warfare in an “anti-communist” role.
• Britisches Freikorps (British Free Corps) of the Waffen-SS. This BFC Recruiting Poster used in POW and internment camps.
• An Waffen-SS Poster aimed at recruiting British citizens. The BFC was issued its distinctive insignia, the three lion passant collar tab, the Union Flag arm badge under the SS eagle patch, and the cuff title bearing “Britisches Freikorps” in Gothic script. The story goes that a member of the BFC made a joke saying “look the eagle is shitting on the flag”.

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